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DEXON Chat is a fully-decentralized messaging application that multiple users can chat and share their ideas together with no central server. With DEXON blockchain’s high transaction speed, even though all the messages are put on DEXON blockchain, the communication won’t be interrupted by the confirmation time. The customized user name will only be visible to the others in the group. You can enjoy the secure and anonymous chat experience. Just install DEXON Wallet application on your desktop web browser and on mobile phone, and then you can always keep up-to-date with the conversations wherever you are.

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What is DEXON Wallet?

DEXON Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet for DEXON, it allows you to safely store and manage your DXN assets and to directly interact with DEXON-powered DApps in your browser.

DEXON Wallet is your gateway to the DEXON ecosystem.

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